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Our Promise to be Sustainable

Our Promise to be Sustainable

As a founder, I wanted The Itihāas Company to stand apart in what it had to offer but I also knew that as a brand in the 21st Century, it held the responsibility to be environmentally conscious.

There began the idea of being ‘boutique’ and producing in small batches. I wanted to give meaningful employment to tailors and artisans who would collaborate with me and who stitch our products with attention, detail and with a whole lot of care.

Design with Intention is our mantra for the company. I only make a design in batches of 20 pieces. I aimed to produce as they did in the days before the Industrial Revolution, a time when pieces were one of a kind and made to order.

I turned my attention to the cotton insert filling and packaging. Our Kapok Cotton filling is sustainably sourced from fields in the South of India, directly from the farm to our products. Traditional methods play a huge role in growing and harvesting cotton all the while generating employment for towns and villages nearby. Women constitute more than half the workforce at the vendors we source from. Additionally, the farm is absolutely cruelty-free!

Then came my next challenge: packaging. I realized the products needed ample protection when they were being shipped domestically and internationally. I began researching plastic alternatives and finally came across a company in the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India where they create Bio Bags that are 100 % plastic-free and made entirely from vegetable starch/corn starch/tapioca starch and other natural extracts. I was ecstatic! The inner packaging is cruelty-free and eco-friendly. They are Biodegradable within 6 months, Eco Friendly, Recyclable with paper, Compostable and Water Soluble.

As for the outer packaging, I wanted it to be made of fabric so I went with soft cotton. Along with my team of 2 tailors (and growing), we began the process of stitching the maroon-coloured bags. My hope is that our audience will use these bags for a long time, in whatever capacity, to reduce and more importantly Replace single-use plastic bags.

Our aim as a brand is to be 100% sustainable in the near future as we grow and this is a promise we give to our customers.

We acknowledge that some aspects of our product are not completely eco-friendly but we are constantly pushing our boundaries to change them around and find alternatives. Through the process of trial and error, and meaningful collaborations, The Itihaas Company pledges to work towards improving our products in every way possible to be a friend to our environment.

*We are always open to collaborations and input from companies and individuals with expertise. Please email us with any issues and or information that might help us become better

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